10 organizations to validate foreign degrees in the USA

People interested in validating and homologating academic credentials and professional titles obtained in other countries in the United States must go to private organizations and companies because the US government does not have an official agency to carry out this work. 

For this reason, it is essential to entrust the work to those who have great reputation and experience and, above all, whose validations are accepted by the institution to which the degrees are presented.

In fact, when choosing between one organization or another, the first thing that must be taken into consideration is whether the validations carried out by said organization are admissible by the institution before which the degree is to be approved.

In the United States, a foreign person may need to validate their titles to:

  • Continue your studies in the US at a university or college
  • Get a job in a company
  • For the Army
  • For the Boards (Councils) that regulate the professions in each state
  • Immigration 

Although prices can vary, expect to pay around $100 for a general study evaluation and approximately $175 for a more detailed, course-by-course one. If the evaluation is needed urgently, it is necessary to pay extra.

Furthermore, take into account that these approvals or validations are not the Hague Apostille , which can also be requested, both to admit degrees obtained outside the United States and to be able to certify those obtained in this country so that they can be admitted as valid in another country. country.

Below are 10 reputable organizations.  to compare services before deciding which one to hire.

American Association of Collegiate Registras and Admision Officers

 AACRAO, as it is known by its acronym in English, has its offices in Washington DC

They carry out evaluation and recognition of academic and professional qualifications for institutions (such as universities or companies) and also for immigration authorities. Likewise, they carry out evaluation of professional licenses.

Prices vary depending on the service required. To consult:

  • Dial: (202) 296-3359
  • Send an email ies@aacrao.org

Center for Applied Research, Evaluations and Education

The Center for Applied Research, Assessments & Education is based in Anaheim, California.

Provides General Evaluation, Course by Course and Complete Evaluation Report services. Supports express jobs, from one day to the next.

They are specialists in Architecture, Accounting, Engineering, Education, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing.

Center for Educational Documentation

The Center for Educational Documentation is located in Boston. Performs general academic evaluation tasks and course by course.

Additionally, it is the only agency authorized for the Accounting (CPA) Examination and/or license in the state of Massachusetts.

You can contact this organization by filling out this form on their website or by calling (617) 338-7171.

Educational Records Evaluation Service

This organization is based in Sacramento, California. You can  contact them by phone (they have employees who speak Spanish) , or by email.

Educational Records Evaluation Service are specialists in academic evaluation to obtain a nursing license , although they carry out all types of accreditations for employers, schools, universities and Immigration.

Foreign Credential Services of America

 It is based in Austin, Texas. This organization is recognized by state boards to conduct academic evaluations for the degrees of:

  • Engineering (ABET)
  • Maestros

Contact by filling out this form that allows you to send an attached document .

The Foreign Educational Document Service

This organization, based in San Diego, California, specializes in academic evaluation of Baccalaureate and Secondary Education in Latin America .

Your reports are accepted by:

  • Board of Education of Arizona, Nevada and Texas
  • California Board of Architects
  • California Board of Accountants
  • In addition to many universities and companies

But if the organization requesting your accreditation evaluation asks that it be done by an organization that is part of NACES (Association for Credential Evaluation Services), then you cannot contract with The Foreign Educational Document Service.

Foundation for International Services

FIS, as it is known by its acronym in English, performs academic credential evaluation services of two types:

  • Document by document
  • Course by course

In addition, he does translations. It allows you to apply online and make payment by check, money order and VISA or Mastercard cards.

You can contact them  by phone, email, or using this form on their website . They are located in Edmonds, Washington state.

This organization has an excellent reputation among immigration lawyers who need to prove the qualifications and work experience of their clients and is associated with AILA, the national organization in the United States of immigration lawyers.

World Education Services

World Education Services, known as WES, is one of the big ones, with more than 100,000 academic evaluations per year.

Its office is in New York and performs evaluations for institutions, organizations, companies and government offices in the United States and Canada.

Its validations are accepted by practically all academic institutions.

Transcript Research

 This organization is part of the Association of International Educators (NAFSA). 

They provide services adapted to the requirements of the School of Business at the University of Dallas and the City University of New York (CUNY).

You can contact us by dialing +1 214 810 1124 or by sending an email to info@transcriptresearch.com


 NACES is the national association of companies that evaluate academic and professional credentials obtained abroad.

This organization, founded in 1987, ensures that high ethical and quality standards are met in the work of its associates.

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