In order for you to cook the fish in the ideal way, first keep in mind:

  • The only fish that have different cooking points are: pink salmon and tuna. The rest of the species are simply cooked or not.
  • Try not to overstitch them so they don’t dry out, because they lose flavor and texture.

However, there are many ways to prepare it, check out these ideas:



It is a quick cook (between 3 and 5 minutes) and is recommended only for fish fillets.

You can prevent them from sticking when cooking, and to do so, the griddle or pan must be very hot and very clean.

A couple of tips that can work very well for you are: heat the griddle or pan with a touch of oil and then polish it with paper, and the other is to flour the fish so that they do not fall apart when cooking.



White salmon, pink salmon and black sea bass are the ideal fish to cook in the oven because they are resistant and tastier meats.

In the case of fish fillets, it is advisable to clean them well and then cook them with their skin to obtain crispy, smoky and juicy meat. You can place them on the skin side, on a plate previously covered with oil.

If you put it in a preheated oven at 140ºC, they will cook in approximately 20 minutes, depending on the size.

You can tell when it is ready by inserting a skewer stick all the way in. If the stick gently passes through the piece, it is cooked. We recommend that you do not do this test all the time, as we damage the meat and it can fall apart.



For this type of preparation, the perfect fish are: hake, croaker, sole with skin and white salmon. The fillets of these types of fish are cooked in 3 minutes but when we are dealing with whole fish, cooking is done in approximately 7 minutes.

It is important that you do not extend these times, since the fish tends to absorb the fat. We also recommend not using too hot oil: the temperature should be around 100ºC.

And a tip to prevent them from falling apart is to coat them in flour, egg and bread flour, since their meat is very delicate and frying them naturally can be a mistake.



It is another simple way to prepare fish at home, especially if we want to achieve a light and healthy meal. You can choose between sole, croaker, tilapia or sea bream, but it is always important to remove the skin, because it is not steamed.

10 Ways to cook fish at home

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