Biodynamic foods

Biodynamic foods come from a type of alternative agriculture, which only uses natural fertilizers, and is governed by a calendar based on the position of the sun and the moon to carry out cultivation work.

Biodynamic agriculture is an alternative type of agriculture whose main characteristic is that it understands the farm as an independent and self-sufficient organism, which is capable of producing everything it needs to sustain itself without having to resort to products from outside. In this way, the local production, distribution and sale of food is prioritized over industrial and large-scale production, ensuring the conservation of soil and natural resources in the long term.

Organic farming should not be confused with biodynamic farming, because although they share similarities, such as that neither of them uses toxic pesticides and herbicides, or that in both cases they are sustainable and respect natural ecosystems, biodynamic foods are characterized by having They have been cultivated following an annual calendar that is based on the rhythms of the sun and the moon, and other mystical beliefs that provide them with additional supposed benefits.

The creator of biodynamic agriculture, the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, believed in the influence of the cosmos on all living beings and, by extension, on agriculture and crop cycles. For this reason, followers of this method take into account esoteric values ​​– cosmic forces and energies – or the position of the sun and the moon, when choosing the best time to carry out all agricultural work.

Characteristics of biodynamic agriculture

There is a quality seal , DEMETER , which is used to certify that a food is biodynamic and, to achieve this, it must come from a cultivation system that complies with the standards of biodynamic agriculture, the main characteristics of which are:

  • The farm is a self-sufficient organism , and combines agriculture and livestock to take advantage of all the possibilities they offer and maintain itself without the need for external products.
  • No chemicals , fertilizers or pesticides can be used on crops.
  • Planting and harvesting must follow a biodynamic calendar that is based on the lunar phases and the position of the planets. Astrological rhythms are those that determine the most favorable times for each agricultural work.
  • To fertilize the soil, natural fertilizers are used , such as compost, and what is known as biodynamic preparations , which are composed of homeopathic substances, concentrated manure, and other plant, animal and mineral substances, which have gone through a supposed process of rhythms. natural on the farm itself.
  • The selection of seeds is key, since those that have a higher biological quality, are more resistant to pests, are better adapted to the soil and climate are chosen…
  • Pests and weeds are controlled through crop rotation, the association of plants, and homeopathic products extracted from plants, with properties to eliminate insects, fungi and parasites, since chemical pesticides are absolutely prohibited .

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