Fresh salads for summer

With the permission of the gazpacho, the salad is the queen of the summer. Its success lies in being a fresh preparation, easy to combine, quick, that can be taken anywhere and that facilitates the care of the line.
anywhere and that facilitates the care of the line.

Properties of salads

Salads hydrate, purify, provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, and are a low-calorie dish.
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With the permission of the gazpacho, the salad is the queen of the summer. Its success lies not only in being the pak  dish chosen by Carrie Bradshaw and her collection of friends in the series ‘, but also in being a fresh preparation, easy to combine, quick, that can be eaten anywhere. and that makes line care easier. Without a doubt one of the strong points of the Mediterranean diet

Those privileged who can take a few days of vacation will take advantage of the days off to break with the routine completely (place of residence, schedules, meals, habits, light dinners , etc.). Thanks to these changes and excessive heat, the salad takes first place on daily menus. Find out why.

Properties of salads

A salad can be defined as a cold dish in which several ingredients are mixed, generally vegetables, which are cut and dressed with various sauces or dressings. The truly interesting thing about this dish is that it provides several benefits for the body:

  • They hydrate and refresh: more than 90 percent of their composition are vegetables and the majority component of these is water . This makes it a light and fresh food to combat high temperatures.
  • Vitamins and minerals are its forte: after hours of walks, sun, chlorine , salt, games and waves, it is normal for your body to feel fatigued . Don’t let your spirits drop and fill your stores with the vitamins and minerals of a varied salad. These micronutrients regulate multiple organic processes, essential to perform important functions in the body.
  • They purify and help eliminate waste: the purifying and diuretic action of salads is due to their high water content, rich potassium and low sodium content of the vegetables that make them up.
  • They protect the skin: our wise grandparents already advised us on the benefits of vegetables to have a smooth and blemish-free complexion. And raw vegetables contain all the power of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant components that prevent an acceleration in the aging of cells. Something essential for the prevention of diseases such as degenerative diseases or cancer .
  • They regulate intestinal function: suffering from constipation is typical of summer and traveling away from home. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits will help us with this problem. They are foods rich in fiber that will help us have better intestinal motility.
  • They are light: what more can we ask for in a salad, that is not fattening? Made! Vegetables and vegetables provide very few calories (13 kcal. per 100 g.), leaving all the role to the nutrients. In addition, due to their fiber content and the chewing that we must exercise to eat them, they achieve a satiating effect that will make us feel full sooner and not be so hungry at the next meal, thus taking care of our weight.

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