how to grow facebook page in paksitan step by step Guide


grow facebook page in paksitan , If you are starting a new business or brand fanpage, you are going to need a little hurry and some money to grow your business. Unless you have friends with pages with many followers or a high budget.

These strategies are designed for smaller Facebook pages.

Please note that Facebook is a for-profit company. In fact, they are a competitor to Google for advertising. This seeks a “Money” profitability.


But there are ways to keep your expenses to a minimum and have a good balance of organic and paid growth, reach and engagement.


Here I will share with you some ways that we have done to grow a Facebook page


1) invite friends


This should be the first step you can do to grow your fanpage. For this you can click at the bottom of your fanpage “Community” and it will tell you to invite your friends. You can also ask your loyal friends to invite all their friends. (if you are confident they can help you)



2) segmented advertising


A great way to create a specific audience on Facebook. Even though you can’t build a big fan base of her,


Use facebookads to achieve this


Don’t worry about requiring a large budget. I often run campaigns for $3 a day (although I’ve heard $7 is better). And you can stop at any time.


3) Share by shares


Connect with similar pages and ask to do a “share to share.” You share their most attractive content and they share yours. Now you are doubling (or more) your exposure, increasing your reach and having an opportunity for organic growth. Seriously, they work! (especially for large pages)


I give credit: World of millionaires and millionaire DNA, for this sample because I can’t find my publications.


4) content


Post consistently and start curating viral content. Especially videos.


Many people start by “copying” videos from other sites, but it would be good to give credit to the creator to avoid problems (and for ethics of course) and make sure there are 6 seconds or less of any copyrighted music (to avoid issues).


For content, videos generally have the greatest reach and live interaction is even greater. – Try it. Do something interesting that your fans like.


Try not to link to other websites. Facebook doesn’t like people being kicked off its platform. Create content that has to do with your business, whether it is video or photos, look at other Facebook pages similar to your business.


5) Promote and invite likes


Promote your post and then invite everyone to like your post but not like your page like your page. Just click the “likes” on each post, there will be a drop-down menu (which will be done from desktop, not mobile).


If you don’t want to invite everyone, just invite people with reactions like hearts, laughing, hurt, wow – because they actually put a little more effort into being liked.


And try different things. Memes are the cure for most low-engagement pages. But not all.


6) Groups


Join lots of groups related to your business, share engaging content from your page to the groups, in moderation. Make sure it’s appropriate for the group and not spam.


Good luck and don’t get banned



7) Influential people (Influencers)


Also very fun. Here, you connect with larger, more engaging pages with audiences similar to your target demo and establish a relationship so they share engaging content from your page to theirs.



These “relationships” usually involve money or a trade, but not always. Some people are really great and always willing to help. Find, and establish value.


Reach pages with your target audience (indirect competitors) and get them to share your most attractive content.


8) contests


We have already created contests and we have seen their effectiveness, try creating contests if your product does not cost you so much to reach more followers, this is a good formula to create followers at the beginning of your fanpage, but it is not good to use this constantly either. Since we have detected that there are some people who only follow pages for the contests and not for the products or services they offer.

Remember that there are many more strategies to grow your Facebook pages and one of them is to create ads, so we recommend that you learn more about the tool that Facebook offers. Without further ado, we hope to have helped you.


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