How to increase the likes of a Facebook page

How to increase the likes of a Facebook page , Seeing the number of followers of your Facebook page grow without lifting a finger is very unlikely. On the contrary: if you don’t make the right moves and don’t adopt a strategy you will see your followers decrease .

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Maybe you’re too busy with your work to dedicate enough time to managing your Facebook page and don’t have time to regularly post interesting content. Well, you can remedy this with a social media management tool .

Either way, it’s important that you know what steps to take to increase the chances of your page getting new likes . In the next lines I will tell you about what, in my opinion, are the five most important aspects that you should take care of to achieve this goal.

 increase the likes of a Facebook page
increase the likes of a Facebook page


1) Optimize your Facebook page

Many entrepreneurs are surprised that their business page on Facebook is struggling to get going. In many cases, however, they do not realize that some basic requirements to attract followers and ‘please’ the algorithm are missing within the page. If you want to take advantage of this social network to promote your business, you would do well to check that your page is optimized for SEO and has all the visual and informative elements useful to users.

Have you set a profile photo and cover photo that identify and distinguish you? Have you filled in the information fields accurately? No, because I often saw company pages where, in addition to the description, basic information was also missing such as:

  • phone contacts;
  • website;
  • opening time;
  • address.

We are talking about fundamental steps to make your page a real business card that intrigues users and makes them perceive your value. Furthermore, optimizing the URL and descriptive fields for SEO by inserting keywords similar to what you do is very important to increase the chances that they will find your page among the search results within the platform or on Google.


2) Be constant and regular in publishing content

Having a curated page complete with information is only the first step to increasing likes . If you want to make yourself known to many new followers you must be constant in your publication; your content must arouse curiosity, inform, offer solutions and entertain. Furthermore, always try to keep the level of attention of those who already follow you high by differentiating your content and alternating videos, images, surveys, blog articles, product sheets, offers, etc.

In this way, in fact, you will get more interactions from your followers, and these will give an important boost to your organic traffic; consequently, the number of ‘likes’ on the page will also increase . To ensure that your posts gain visibility, schedule their publication for the days and time slots in which engagement is highest. In this type of business, you would do well to use a good social media management platform .


 increase the likes of a Facebook page
increase the likes of a Facebook page


3) Is your Facebook page not growing? Sponsor it with Ads

If you notice that your efforts are struggling to produce results, you can consider starting a sponsorship campaign for your page with Facebook Ads . To be honest, this tool can be used even if your page shows good growth with organic traffic, as long as you are targeting people who are truly interested in your business.

Remember that having a large number of followers is useless if they are not active and do not interact with your content; therefore, for sponsorships to be effective, it is important that they generate likes from potential target customers.


4) Schedule contests and collaborate with other pages

Another way to increase followers is to plan activities that encourage users to interact with comments and likes.

Think, for example, of a contest in which you ask your followers to publish a photo of themselves on your page with your product in view, promising a fantastic gift to those who get the most interactions. They will invite their friends to lend them a hand and, miraculously, many people who previously didn’t know you existed will find themselves liking or commenting on your page . And who knows, maybe some of these will take a look at it and, finding interesting content, will start following you.

Collaborating with other pages similar to your context or with an influencer can also be a good idea. This way you will have access to a wide range of users potentially interested in your products or services.


5) Advertise your Facebook page on other channels

The last piece of advice I want to give you is related to a simple and banal practice that might seem obvious, but isn’t. I’m talking about sharing your Facebook page . Before I told you that to promote it you can collaborate with third parties: first of all, however, you should collaborate with yourself! Do you have a website, a company blog and an account in other social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter? Well, use this abundance to your advantage!

Insert the link to your Facebook page or directly the ‘Like’ button (when possible) in order to create a synergy between your own channels. This will also help increase the number of your followers on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.


In conclusion

In this article I have given you five tips that, in my opinion, could help you achieve significant growth in likes on your Facebook page . As I already told you, programming is a very important aspect that you should take care of if you want to manage your page professionally, not only on Facebook but on all the most important social networks.

Having a functional social manager tool full of integrations will help you create excellent content and plan its publication, especially if developed in Italian. Postpickr faithfully reflects these characteristics; our social media management platform is 100% Made in Italy and allows you to carry out various activities on the main social channels from a single dashboard.

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