how to monetize facebook page in pakistan 2023

monetize facebook page in pakistan. This platform has become one of the largest in the world with 2,449 million users. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to monetize your account, we recommend you read this article.

Monetization methods on Facebook

In this section we will tell you 7 ways to monetize on this social network :

Adding ads to videos:

So-called in-stream ads are short ads that appear at the beginning, during and after a video on the platform. She herself will pay you depending on how many people see and interact with the ad.

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Mentioning other FB accounts:

You can try working with other accounts within the platform to boost your content. This way you can talk about certain products or services of a specific brand. We suggest you create quality content and a specific niche.

Sell ​​your products or services:

Create a page on Facebook, and share quality content, where at the same time you can offer products or services that complement the experience of your community. Show the added value of the product or service and tell your community why it is necessary for them.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a fairly popular digital business scheme on many platforms and Facebook is no exception. Through the reach of your content, whether posts or videos, images and even memes, you can share third-party products or services with the aim of selling them and generating a commission.

Targeted traffic through ads:

Analyze, plan and execute one or more advertising campaigns with the objective of going to a website and making conversions. You have a tool called Facebook Ads Manager which will allow you to manage the entire process.

Subscription groups:

You can monetize your account through recurring subscriptions so you can generate some extra income. It is important that such a subscription has added value.

Would you like to become an influencer on Facebook?

All you have to do is read this article where we will tell you some of the platform’s requirements and policies to be part of the monetization program. You will learn how to become an influencer either with a page, generating content in groups and/or participating in videos or streamings.

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How to make money with Facebook Live?

This is achieved with streaming content . When a content creator or editor makes a live video, users can interact with them and gift them badges. These badges can be exchanged for real money (the badges are called stars).

Partnering with Facebook

FB developed a monetization system based on granting payments to content creators who have at least 2 thousand followers and at least 300 people or active users at the time of streaming, for now it is only available for influencers, celebrities or recognized brands, it is expected that in a short time will be available to everyone.

What are Facebook Live stars?

They are scores or badges called “stars” , which are awarded by users within the streams and which content creators can exchange for money.

Below we will show you its equivalence to real money:

  • 1 ⭐ = 0.01$
  • 100 ⭐ = $1
  • 1000 ⭐ = $10
  • 10000 ⭐ = $100

When is payment for Facebook Live stars effective?

To be able to exchange the stars for real money you need to wait 30 days after getting them. For example, let’s say that on January 10 you got 1,000 stars, then you can collect them until February 10 (approximately a month later), you also need to accumulate a minimum of $100 in stars ⭐ to be able to transfer your money .

How to enable stars?

Follow the following steps, for this you must be enrolled in the FB program called Level Up.

  1. Go to Creator Studio within FB Live Creator , then creative tools and finally active panel
  2. In Level Up simply go to the panel on streamers
  3. Click on “ Configure stars”
  4. Enter your payment method and you are done

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How to develop your Facebook account?

It is necessary to be constant, creative, original and offer valuable content so that your community and its reach can grow . Also remember that to develop your account you need:

  1. Generate a plan
  2. Develop a strategy
  3. Be constant
  4. Share valuable content
  5. Segment your audience

Can you make money on Facebook?

You must verify that you meet the requirements for monetization . Facebook gives you the opportunity to directly monetize the content you publish, but to do so you have to follow certain rules.

There are three sets of rules that your page has to comply with:

  1. Facebook Community Standards,
  2. Monetization policies for partners,
  3. Content monetization policies.

Check that your Facebook page meets the aforementioned requirements, remember that both your content and the page need to respect the social network’s guidelines in order to be monetized.

Requirements for instream ads:

It can only be used on Facebook pages. You need to be over 18 years old and comply with the following:

  • Post videos from a page
  • Comply with partner monetization policy
  • Meet requirements for on-demand and live video
  • Have at least 10 thousand followers
  • Be in a supported country and use an available language
  • Publish videos eligible for instream ads

Basic requirements to add advertising to breaks

It is necessary to meet 3 essential requirements:

  • Have at least 10 thousand followers on your page
  • 30 thousand reproductions of at least one minute that last 3 minutes in the last 60 days
  • And, of course, comply with the monetization rules that we have already described above.

Requirements to monetize Facebook

In order to participate in the Facebook monetization program and use the editing tools, creator and the tool to connect with external providers you need to follow some rules within the Facebook content, page and groups.

Create content on a suitable surface

Today the platform’s monetization functions are available for public content on pages, events and groups, it can even be monetized even if the content is consumed on third-party sites.

Residing in a supported country

You must reside in one of the countries supported by the Facebook monetization program.

Community Standards Compliance

These are general rules that all publications on this social network must comply with. Hate language, violence, sexual content, and inauthentic behavior are not permitted. If the published content violates the platform rules, then the user may lose the right to monetization.

Comply with our Content Monetization Policies

The content created needs to meet certain standards that are not covered in Facebook’s community rules. They are called content monetization policies.

Share authentic content

The platform requires that the content published be authentic and this is aimed at the creators and editors of page content: avoid clickbait , sensationalist content and content that does not comply with the rules to be monetized.

Share original content

Content made by creators, editors and external providers needs to be created directly, that is, comments and parodies cannot be monetized. It should be noted that the original content has to be consumed directly on the digital platform in an organic way.

Monetize authentic interaction

The only content that can be monetized is authentic, that is, all content created naturally and consumed by the same community. There is no point in generating multi-channel alliance strategies to generate more visits, more likes or more followers. It is important to understand that if there is any type of content amplification, Facebook will be able to stop the monetization program.

Comply with Payment Conditions

It is important to respect the rules of this social network to make and receive payments. For more information about it, you can check it directly on the Facebook page.

Respect the Conditions of pages, groups and events

Like any type of content, there are 3 types that are taken into account for monetization. They are divided into: content for specific pages , group content and content published in events.

Develop a consolidated presence

For creators, publishers, and content providers to monetize in Facebook’s monetization program, it is important that they have an authentic presence on the platform . In this way they will be able to have access to the monetization tools, however, for this there is a minimum regime of 90 days.

Respect the rules applicable to politicians and governments

Authorities subject to government ethics do not have the right to use the tools or enter the FB monetization program . Likewise, political parties and electoral campaigns will not be able to use the monetization tool.

All content creators who want to monetize and have not already done so must comply with all the rules and conditions of Facebook’s monetization program.

Formats prohibited on Facebook

Facebook considers the following types of formats prohibited:

  • Videos of poor quality or without movement
  • Forms or static surveys
  • Presentations exclusively with images
  • Video loops
  • Videos that contain text, since Facebook’s algorithm cannot read them
  • And finally, videos that contain advertising in the form of ads either at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video playback.

Content not allowed on Facebook

What types of content are not accepted and what do not apply to the platform’s monetization program?

  • Problems related to races, sexes, geographical location, politics, culture in general, socioeconomic problems, religious confrontations.
  • Topics that have to do with death, trauma, mental illness, sexual abuse, physical abuse and injuries in general.
  • Everything that has to do with drugs, illicit substances, theft, vandalism, non-legal digital activities, corruption, manipulation of information among others.
  • Sexual themes such as nudity, prostitution, pornography, sexual language or dress.
  • Explicit content: open wounds, body fluids, medical operations or procedures, defecation processes, ingesting dangerous substances not suitable for human consumption.
  • Offensive language, name-calling, sexual language, innuendo, signs, obscenities and vulgar movements
  • Sharing false information that can alter the behavior of the masses, such as fake news.
  • Medical topics without a reliable source.
  • Government authorities, whether electoral campaign candidates or active officials, will not be able to use Facebook’s monetization tool.

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How to monetize Facebook in 2021?

In order to monetize this social network, a digital strategy can be generated that covers the following points within the platform: video advertisements, mentions of other FB accounts, sale of products or services, use of Affiliate Marketing, traffic directed to through ads and subscription groups.

How to monetize my live streams on Facebook?

Join the Partners program and get at least 2 thousand followers, in this way the platform will allow you to monetize live videos and obtain stars that you can later exchange for real money, remember that you must accumulate at least 100 USD to be able to collect that money .

How much does a Streamer earn on Facebook?

The amount a content creator earns on this social network depends on the badges that users can give them when streaming. By accumulating a minimum of 100 USD in badges, they can be exchanged for real money.

How much do you earn from monetizing on Facebook?

Depending on the content strategy you use, the amount that can be earned may vary. Other influencing factors are reach, community size, and content value. Taking the above into account, it is possible to generate from cents to hundreds of dollars, but it is important that you can raise at least 100 USD within the monetization program on this social network to be able to withdraw it.

How to make money uploading videos to Facebook?

Remember that to generate money through videos on the platform you need to meet several requirements and conditions. Once you do this, you can apply to monetize the videos by adding ads and even promoting third-party products or services.

How much does Facebook pay for views?

You can get between 0.2 USD and 3 USD for a total of one thousand views, but this amount varies depending on the type of ad shown in the audiovisual content and how much the advertiser has bid to display their products or services.

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