Most requested freelance skills in 2023

What are the most in-demand freelance professions?

As in any transformation in the world of work, this implies that certain skills or knowledge also begin to take on relevance and become more in demand.

The new year is a good time to find out what the most requested freelance trends and skills are so that you can adopt those that will be useful to you in your professional field.

Therefore, today we present the most in-demand freelance skills for 2023.

Systems engineering, programming and development

Within the world of new technologies, the programming and development of new applications has always been well positioned and is a field that increasingly requires greater specialization.

The more programming languages ​​you know, the more opportunities you will have in a growing market that ranges from web development to artificial intelligence development.

Within the area of ​​systems and technology there are also new trends, such as the development and implementation of cloud applications, mobile application development, blockchain technologies and more.

The skills of a freelance programmer , such as Javascript, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Android/iOS programming, AWS, among others, can open many doors for you. 

Social media and digital marketing

Communication and marketing through social networks has gained total relevance since they have definitively established themselves as a means of communication to reach consumers.

Therefore, the management of social networks and knowledge of digital marketing strategies are now a skill that provides many opportunities in any company. Some of the technical knowledge required are: management of content publishing tools, writing and spelling to interact with users, creation of content and dynamics to increase the level of involvement, configuration and creation of digital campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, market target segmentation, etc.

The good news is that, if you do not have knowledge in this area, but if you have used social networks, you can look for online certifications that last only a few hours. That way, you can train yourself and be able to do this work.

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Data Analytics

A data analyst is someone who can identify trends or patterns through analysis of statistics. This is useful for companies when making business-related decisions. The data analyst can consult to present recommendations. Also suggest adjustments to commercial and communication strategies. At the same time, these skills are useful when it comes to helping companies solve problems and find solutions.

The mission of the data analyst is to find and replicate the formulas for success so that they are replicable and multipliable. This skill is now very valuable as companies are becoming highly competitive and require analysts to be successful in the market.

Graphic design

For many years, the area of ​​graphic design has been in constant and growing demand. Not only due to the growth of the market and advertising, but also due to the definitive implementation of social networks as a communication tool. A permanent online presence and renewal is required for companies.

Of course, this not only applies to large companies, but also to SMEs and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. The need for a good graphic line and innovative advertising make design one of the most requested skills.

If you add skills in designing animated images or making small videos , you will have many opportunities.

On the other hand, graphic designers are also in charge of giving the image to the company’s website, banners, brochures, newsletters, stationery, promotional items and much more. All this in order to attract and increase the clients that companies have.

By creating visual, engaging images that businesses can use on their websites, social media, banners, brochures, newsletters, and more, a graphic designer has the ability to increase the attraction customers have for businesses.

If you have knowledge of graphic design software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud line, Sketch, Corel Draw or similar, you definitely have a chance in current work trends.

Copywriting and SEO

A copywriting or writing expert is currently in high demand, because companies seek to create attractive content for their company’s web pages and blogs, as well as for their social networks and online publications, such as magazines, newsletters and work reports.

In this order of ideas, it is also necessary for the writer to have knowledge about SEO or content optimization for websites. Some of the complementary skills that a writer or editor must have are: keyword research and analysis, WordPress management, strategic storytelling, among others.

On the other hand, there is an increasing number of independent authors who seek to publish professional books to stand out in their area of ​​work or to earn money online by placing them in stores such as Amazon or Google books. These authors generally require the help of professional writers to help them organize their ideas, revise or correct spelling and style. Some may ask for help with APA citation standards or to complete the story, completing it.

Another function that may also be required of an editor is updating content that already exists on a website or blog to keep it in the top positions of search engines.

That is why, if you have knowledge of communication and writing, this is a very good area of ​​opportunity this year.


Even though it may not seem like it, Excel is a tool that has become increasingly indispensable in business, since it allows you not only to manage spreadsheets and keep accounts, but also to perform advanced calculations, manage projects, create tables and reports automatically and many more. other functions. However, although most current professionals know office tools such as Word or PowerPoint, the use of Excel spreadsheets at an advanced level is usually something that very few handle.

Knowing macro functions and advanced formulas in Excel can open up many job opportunities and help you stand out, giving you an advantage over other candidates if you are looking for a job.

Independent sales

Because more and more interactions with a company’s customers now take place through their mobile devices, companies tend to leave aside internal sales and outsource people who help them more to close deals with leads or prospects that already exist. .

In other words, the businessman no longer needs to have a salon as a sales department, but rather each salesperson can follow up on assigned clients from the comfort of their home. Whether it is sales of insurance, online courses, digital tools and services or others, negotiation skills are now highly valued for new ways of closing sales in companies.

In this sense, the new salesperson also needs skills such as the use of online communication tools, reporting through spreadsheets in the cloud, CRM management, sales projections, etc.

One of the advantages of freelance sales is that you don’t need any specific qualifications or certifications. However, the experience is highly appreciated and of course it helps you get to know your clients better, know how to handle objections and achieve more closures.


Accounting is one of those skills that every business needs. All businesses must keep records of their profits and expenses.

This is a skill that requires some technical preparation, knowledge of billing and bookkeeping, use of specialized software, as well as the use of spreadsheets and strong mathematical ability. It also requires patience and thoroughness to observe the details and be extremely careful.

The good news is that if you have this knowledge you can do the job independently as a freelance bookkeeper or accountant. In addition, you can do the work directly from your home, since most reports can be kept in the cloud or digitally.

However, keep in mind that on some occasions you will need to meet with your client to discuss issues of tax payments, activation of assets, authorizations, etc., so it is preferable that the companies you serve are from the same country as you.

Project management

Project management or management is an increasingly requested skill to support companies in managing work teams. This allows managers or business owners to take care of other strategic areas of growth. Meanwhile, the organizational and operational part is left to the project manager or administrator.

This involves assigning tasks, verifying delivery dates and key events (milestones), monitoring and quality control, problem solving, and reporting. It may also require visits to branches, plants or departments, scheduling meetings, preparing presentations and inductions, planning training, among others. That is, the complete orchestration of the work.

As you can imagine, this is a job that requires the ability to monitor and perform multiple tasks at the same time. Also, do things quickly and accurately, in addition to having general knowledge of the business.

It may also require technical knowledge in project management tools, Kanban and Gantt planning and project management methodologies such as Agile, Lean, SixSigma, Scrum, etc.

Photography and video

In recent years, photography and video skills are among the most in-demand freelance skills in companies because they need to create online catalogs for their products, as well as for the content of their social networks. Many coaches , influencers, consultants or content creators who have had significant growth also require photography and multimedia editing experts to create quality content. Because? Because this has become monetizable. That is to say, quality image and video is money.

On the other hand, photographers and video creators have the possibility of selling content online through stores such as Dreamstime, iStock or similar.

Photography and video making are skills that require knowledge of using cameras and lighting equipment. Also, management of editing software. To this must be added creativity when creating photographic compositions at the client’s request or on one’s own initiative. And there are many areas of specialization in this field such as event photography, sports wedding photography, among others.


As more companies are trying to expand internationally, they are looking to have their content and websites translated. Another area of ​​opportunity is the translation of legal documents. To expand businesses, integrate services, access programs, etc. technical translation of business documents is required.

There are also international organizations, such as NGOs and international cooperation agencies, that seek to expand their work. These must tropicalize content that they already have in their native language to make their programs known in the countries they help.

On the other hand, authors who publish their books online may also require translation services to make their work reach markets in other languages ​​and have greater reach.

In any of these areas, a translator plays an important role in making correct and appropriate translations for the specific context. The advantage of this work is that it can be done online. You can coordinate work through messages and online files for review.


As you can see, most of the most in-demand freelance opportunities and skills that are booming have elements of online work implicit in them. That is to say, the management of digital tools takes on special relevance. Also specialization in areas that few people handle such as Excel, application development or use of specialized software. But above all, we can see that most of these skills are focused on numbers and customer service.

All of this is explained, as mentioned, because companies are becoming increasingly competitive. This makes them constantly search for new ways of doing things. Easier, faster, with fewer resources and less staff. This is when learning these new freelance skills becomes more important.

Whether you have been working freelance for a while or are just starting out, check your portfolio of certifications and knowledge. Update yourself and get ready to find more opportunities in this new year.

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