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Nowadays, innovating in new advertising formats to reach our audience in the most limited way possible is essential. At a time like the current one, in which streaming audio does not stop growing, Spotify has decided to reinvent itself and turn its platform into a place to post our messages. Did you know?

  • What is Spotify Ad Studio?
  • How Spotify Ad Studio works

And streaming audio consumption has doubled in our country in recent years, and Spotify now reaches 33% of the total digital population in Spain, being Generation Z (91%) and Millennials (75 %) the generations that consume it the most. Additionally, users of Spotify’s free plan spend an average of two and a half hours a day listening to music and podcasts on the platform, making it a perfect place to reach this audience.

For this reason, the global streaming audio platform has launched Ad Studio , a self-service advertising tool for businesses and artists .

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What is Spotify Ad Studio?

Spotify Ad Studio is, basically, a self-service advertising platform that allows companies and artists of all types to advertise on the leading audio streaming service.

Spotify already launched this tool in September 2017, but until last March its beta version was only available in English-speaking markets . Ad Studio is now available in seventeen new countries , including: 

  • Spain in Europe.
  • Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina in Latin America.

Thanks to the launch of Ad Studio, with a minimum budget of 250 euros, both artists and brands with a Spanish-speaking audience will now have access to Spotify’s streaming intelligence and will be able to launch their personalized advertising campaigns there.

How Spotify Ad Studio works

The operation of this tool is simple. The full version of Spotify Ad Studio allows you to create advertising audio pieces from scratch , including fragments of songs to choose from, personalized copies and a complete voice-over selector.

By providing only a script , the platform helps us create professionally produced ads with voiceover and music in just 24 hours, and completely free of charge . If advertisers prefer, they can also upload their audio and/or advertising videos directly to the platform.

But it doesn’t end here, as advertisers will be able to take advantage of all the segmentation options that Ad Studio provides to reach their potential customers, with parameters such as playlists, podcasts, location and demographic data, among others.

When an artist or company uses this service, they will be able to know the results obtained thanks to: 

  • Access to campaign reports just a few hours after their launch.
  • Attribution statistics, which will show you how your spot has impacted listeners and listener growth, in the case of ads that promote music . This represents a real advantage for artists , especially those who are in full growth, since it will tell them if their music is liked by the public. 

On the other hand, it will also be possible to edit and modify the ads from the platform, thanks to review tools that will allow changes and adjustments to be made at any time during the campaign in the audio clip, music and final mix.

In the words of Rodrigo González Lama , Spotify’s Head of Sales for Spain: “The launch of Ad Studio in Spain will revolutionize the audio advertising industry . The launch of this new tool reinforces our commitment to providing companies and artists of all sizes with the opportunity offered by Spotify’s ‘streaming intelligence’ to reach their target audience, ” he declares.

“Spotify offers a unique level of customization and puts us in a privileged position to help brands connect with the audiences that really interest them and with a budget adjusted to their needs ,” he adds.

Did you know this tool? Have you ever used it? In that case, what result has your advertising campaign obtained? Let me know in the comments section!

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