The summer diet: fresh, light and nutritious ideas

As soon as the heat hits we spend more time away from home, we crave cold foods and we don’t want to spend the day cooking. Take note of our tips to eat healthy this vacation with this appetizing summer diet.

High temperatures can play tricks on us with certain foods, since they are the ideal crop for the development of food infections , such as salmonella , botulinum toxin or the unfortunately famous Escherichia coli . To avoid them:

  • Pay special attention to the egg and foods prepared with it (mayonnaise, custard, custard, stiff egg whites). Only use eggs that are conveniently packaged, labeled and purchased from authorized establishments. Keep them in the refrigerator from purchase until the moment they are going to be used. At that time, you must wash the shell and take special care so that no pieces of it fall into either the white or the yolk.
  • Mayonnaise . Use clean, unbroken eggs and add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to help preserve them. Do not put it on other foods until they have cooled, in order to avoid the growth of germs. If you don’t want to get complicated, it is best to buy it already prepared.
  • Dairy products and their derivatives (yogurts, cheese , ice cream , desserts…) try to consume them pasteurized or with the UHT indication and that they are stored cold.
  • Salads must be well washed , you can use bleach suitable for consumption to disinfect them.
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables well and avoid cross contamination with other foods. One solution is to take cooked vegetables and fruit without skin.
  • Be very careful with fish and meats that are eaten raw (sushi, carpaccio, tartare), sausages and cold cuts.
  • Meats and fish should be well cooked, especially if you eat them away from home.
  • If you are going to eat seafood , buy it from a trusted establishment and make sure it meets certain hygiene standards, make sure it is fresh and eat it the same day.
  • If you travel to an exotic country , assess the quality of the water and if in doubt, it is better to consume it bottled or treat it with chemicals suitable for consumption.
  • Also be careful with ice, prepared drinks, salads, vegetables or fruits that you eat raw and that may have been washed. Bacteria in non-drinking water can cause diarrhea and stomach upset
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