Tips for freezing food

Knowing how to protect frozen foods and correctly maintain the cold chain is essential to prevent food poisoning and enjoy its flavor and benefits to the fullest.

How to defrost food

When it comes to correctly defrosting any food, to prevent the microorganisms present in the food from recovering their activity and proliferating, we will have to follow one of these three methods advised by the expert in Nutrition and Dietetics, Julio Basulto :

  • Put it in the refrigerator, in the lowest part and using a container with a rack so that the food juices do not stain. The low temperature of this appliance prevents the development of surviving microorganisms and maintains hygienic quality.

    Defrost the food in the microwave , with the defrost, defrost or the function marked with a snow star, as long as they are thin pieces or with a small volume, otherwise the edges will cook while the interior remains frozen.

    Cook it directly, pre-cooked products (sautéed, rice, ratatouille, fish, etc.) are prepared to be boiled, sautéed, in a bain-marie or in the microwave without the need to do a previous step. In any case, if these are packaged products, the ideal is to follow the necessary information that appears on the food pa

Remember that vegetables, fruits or fish that are going to be consumed raw will only have to be left to thaw, in the lower part of the refrigerator, in a container with a grid to separate the defrosting water.

Lastly and very importantly, frozen products must be made or consumed within 24 hours .

Do frozen foods expire?

Freezing does not destroy all the microorganisms present in food, although it does stop their activity and prevents them from multiplying. For this reason, it is very important to keep in mind that frozen foods also have an expiration date. “This is much longer than that of fresh products, but it must be respected,” they advise from the chain of stores specializing in frozen foods in Spain, La Sirena

The storage time varies depending on the food and, therefore, it is advisable to follow the instructions on the label of the frozen product. In any case, Julio Basulto comments that “a well-maintained domestic freezer preserves food in complete safety and quality for between three and twelve months.”

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