Top 10 best games for Android in November 2023

That’s why at Roams we review the best Android games with which you can get the most out of your smartphone or tablet. Among these you will find some titles that are available on other platforms , such as Minecraft.

What information does this post include?
  1. 1. Clash Royale

  2. 2. FreeFire

  3. 3. Genshin Impact

  4. 4.Minecraft

  5. 5. Among Us

  6. 6. Hearthstone

  7. 7. League of Legends: Wild Rift

  8. 8. Call of Duty Mobile

  9. 9. Pokémon GO

  10. 10. Asphalt 9: Legends

  11. The best Android games of 2023

    1. 1. Call of Dragons

    2. 2. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

    3. 3. Street Fighter: Duel

    4. 4. Mighty Doom

    5. 5. Football Manager 2023 Mobile

  12. The best Android games to come

    1. 1. Persona 5: The Phantom

    2. 2. Path of Exile: Mobile

    3. 3. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

  13. The best Android games released in 2022

    1. 1.Marvel Snap

    2. 2. Devil Immortal

    3. 3. Dislyte

    4. 4. Angry Birds Journey

    5. 5. Street of Rage 4

  14. The best free Android games

  15. FAQ of the Best Games on Android

    1. What is the best Android game of 2022?

    2. What game do you recommend for Android?

    3. What is the most played game on Android in 2022?

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Genshin Impact

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Among Us

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1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the best Android games. This video game based on the Clash of Clans universe is a tower defense strategy game that has aroused passions in the video game sector.

Its mechanics may seem somewhat difficult to you , but if you know how to control the chest cycle , properly combine the Clash Royale decks and master clan wars , everything will be very simple for you. You can’t miss one of the top Android games.

2. FreeFire

Free Fire is another essential among the best mobile games. It is the greatest exponent of battle royale on mobile devices, and cannot be missing from our ranking of Android games .

Also known as Garena Free Fire , it has a large fanbase in countries like Brazil, China or India, where consoles are prohibitive. Currently, more and more European and American players are joining Free Fire , which makes it an option to take into account.

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the greatest role-playing exponents today, especially in China where it is a phenomenon. This gacha is very balanced and offers a great playable variety, which allows it to sneak into the top Android games.

As its strengths, Genshin Impact has a great visual section where its art direction stands out. A graphic marvel that, in addition, is constantly updated with new content . Come on, you can’t miss it.


The number one best-selling game in history could not be missing among the best Android games. The pocket version of Minecraft is a great way to have fun both alone and in the company of your friends.

Its 8-bit aesthetics make Minecraft a very accessible game in terms of technical requirements . This, along with its great playability, makes it a mandatory game in your library.

5. Among Us

Even if you are not a big fan of video games, surely if we say Among Us it will sound familiar to you. This title that became fashionable during the pandemic also has a version for smartphones. Like the rest of the platforms, Among Us is a top game for Android.

Its main asset is its simple mechanics : you have to guess who is the intruder in a group of five players. Meanwhile, the crew must meet a series of objectives and avoid being eliminated by the imposter. Seriously, it is one of the best Android games and you will have a great time with it .

6. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a game designed for PC and mobile devices above all. Without a doubt it is the best card game on Android . It is based on the World of Warcraft universe , one of the best video games in history.


It is a strategy video game in which the objective is to destroy the opponent’s life points . You will have to create your deck and combine the abilities of the different cards to achieve it. A title that cannot be missing among the best mobile games and that will keep you entertained for many hours.

Available on Google Play

7. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift is the little brother of League of Legends . This is a MOBA for mobile devices . Their games are faster and have a more dynamic development that players have greatly appreciated.

Like its older brother, the goal in Wild Rift is to knock down buildings and enemy champions . League of Legends: Wild Rift has rightfully earned its place in the ranking of the best games for Android and you should give it a chance without hesitation.

Available on Google Play

8. Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the best known in the world. This FPS has a mobile version that cannot be missing from your library and is a must-have in the top video games for Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile draws directly from other legendary installments of the saga such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone . With it you will experience frenetic games from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device.

Free download CoD: Mobile for Android

Available on Google Play

9. Pokémon GO

Another game that has to be among the best Android games is Pokémon GO . This title became a phenomenon at the time of its release , causing thousands of fans of the franchise to take to the streets to capture Pokémon.

Pokémon GO takes the Pokémon trainer experience further – it truly makes you one. You will have to explore your city to find all the possible creatures to complete your Pokédex. A franchise that remains more alive than ever thanks also to Pokémon Arceus and Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

10. Asphalt 9: Legends

We close this top of the best Android games with Asphalt 9: Legends . Without a doubt, one of the great racing simulators for mobile devices. In addition to the classic Career mode, you can play multiplayer with runners from all over the world and complete all kinds of challenges .

As if that were not enough, Asphalt 9: Legends has a wide selection of cars that you can customize both in appearance and performance

The best Android games of 2023

So far in 2023, a few Android games have already appeared that should be taken into account. Strategy titles, narrative titles, RPG… Nowadays, there is no genre that cannot be adapted to mobile devices . Here is a list of the best Android games that have been released in 2023 or, failing that, at the end of 2022.





Name Gender Date
1. Call of Dragons MMO, strategy 03/28/2023
2. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Adventures, puzzles, platforms 02/01/2023
3. Street Fighter: Duel RPG, strategy, management 02/28/2023
4. Mighty Doom Shoot ’em up 03/21/2023
5. Football Manager 2023 Mobile Simulator, sports, strategy 11/08/2022


1. Call of Dragons

From the creators of Rise of Kingdoms comes Call of Dragons , a strategy MMO in which you can develop a civilization of humans, orcs or elves. You will have to collect materials, build structures in your city and train your champions to conquer most of the territory.

Another attraction of Call of Dragons is that you and your clan must defeat dragons, hydras and other monsters called Behemoths so that they fight alongside your troops. Not to mention its very careful graphics . Oh, and the game is totally free .

2. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

What is most striking about Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is its graphics. Its comic-like cartoon style perfectly dresses an exciting story set in the First World War , while its different scenes offer good playable variety.

You will have to solve puzzles , cross areas with metroidvania- style platforms and infiltrate the enemy zone stealthily . If you liked the original 2014 game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War , this sequel of sorts will satisfy you as well.


3. Street Fighter: Duel

Capcom’s fighting saga joins the wave of gatcha games for mobile. As with other titles such as Marvel Future Fight or Star Wars: Galaxy of Heros, Street Fighter: Duel is based on collecting heroes to complete all types of PvE and PvP missions.

One of the great advantages of Street Fighter: Duel compared to other games is that the gatcha rate is relatively high . In addition, it has an idle system that generates resources for your account even if you are not playing. Of course, it is one of those games in which you will have to grind and be patient to fatten your account.

4. Mighty Doom

Many screamed when they saw that the Doom brand would reach mobile devices in a more casual and arcade version. But the truth is that Mighty Doom is a shoot ’em all game that adapts really well to the smartphone environment .

With a vertical view, you will go through a series of levels and boss rooms while upgrading your character’s weapons and skills. As we say, Mighty Doom is a casual mobile game , so it’s more like a Space Invaders than the original games that made the saga famous.

Download Mighty Doom

5. Football Manager 2023 Mobile

It is true that, as with the PC version, Football Manager 2023 Mobile does not bring many new features, but it is still one of the best options to play on mobile. You will have great freedom when creating your squad , establishing a recognizable game system and specific mechanisms for key players on your team. And that’s not something that all the football simulators out there for mobile devices can say.

The only drawback that could be put to Football Manager 2023 Mobile is its price of €11.99 . But if you like this type of game, you know that you will spend hours and hours on it, so you will pay off every last cent .

And yes, we know, this game came out in November 2022, but given that it is focused on the 2023 season , it seemed appropriate to include it in the ranking.

The best Android games to come

And since there are still a few months left in 2023, there are several Android games yet to come. A game that hasn’t been released yet is always difficult to rate, but we wanted to make a top of the most anticipated Android games .

Name Gender Date
1. Persona 5: The Phantom RPG, adventure 2023
2. Path of Exile: Mobile ARPG 2023
3. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile shooter, battle royale 05/15/2023


1. Persona 5: The Phantom

The little that has been seen of the gameplay of Persona 5: The Phantom X looks incredible . It is adapted for mobile devices, but has nothing to envy of the games in the saga for PC and consoles. The same graphics, the same music and the same setting , in addition to those very particular turn-based combats that we all fell in love with.

Persona 5 The Phantom

2. Path of Exile: Mobile

The wait for Path of Exile: Mobile is getting long, but we want to think that it is because the proposal will be really well adapted to touch screens. We don’t expect spectacular graphics, since the original game doesn’t have them either. At the end of the day, the greatness of Path of Exile lies in its playability and its great freedom to customize our character .

The release date is yet to be confirmed, but everything indicates that Path of Exile: Mobile will arrive throughout 2023 in a free-to-play version that hopes to take a lot of ground from Diablo Inmortal.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Activision promises to bring the experience of one of the best battle royales directly to our pocket. PC and console players’ favorite weapons and maps will be recreated in this new Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile . In addition, you can share your Battle Pass progress from the other games in the series in a cross-platform experience .

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is now available in some Latin American countries. In Spain, we will have to wait until May 15, 2023 .

The best Android games released in 2022

In addition to making the ranking of the best Android games of the moment, we also do not want to leave out the Android titles that have been released throughout the year 2022 , as is the case of Apex Legends Mobile.

During the year 2022, Android mobile devices have received great games through the Google Play Store. Below we leave you a selection of the best Android video games of 2022 that you cannot miss.

Name Gender Date
1.Marvel Snap cards, strategy 10/18/2022
2. Immortal Devil ARPG 06/02/2022
3. Dyslite RPG, strategy, management 02/10/2022
4. Angry Birds Journey Puzzle 01/20/2022
5. Street of Rage 4 Beat ’em up 05/24/2022


1.Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap tries to replicate the success of other card games like Hearthstone or Gwent with the help of Ben Brode, former director of the Blizzard card game. And boy is he getting it. For now, it has exceeded five million downloads after its first week (2) , while critics have received it with open arms.

An agile and very addictive card game that adapts perfectly to the smartphone environment. And if we add to this a universe as rich and varied as Marvel’s and a simple progression system , the result is a game that engages both casual and experienced players in the strategy genre.

2. Devil Immortal

Diablo Immortal is the first of the best Android games of 2022 and one of the best Android role-playing games to date. The title is based on the successful Activision Blizzard RPG saga and is launching for the first time on mobile devices.

Also available for iOS , Diablo Immortal was a title highly anticipated by fans. It can be played both alone and online and the objective is to clear areas and dungeons full of demons and other supernatural creatures

3. Dislyte

Dislyte is considered the most outstanding title among the best multiplayer Android games by Google Play and could not be missing from this list of the top titles for mobile devices. It is a turn-based RPG with a high strategy component with online and offline modes.

Dislyte players must create their own deck with the so-called Espers , beings that have individual attributes that will determine your options in battle. The game has a very peculiar aesthetic that mixes mythology and anime that has captivated players.

4. Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is another game in this successful saga of mobile games that has been on the market for more than a decade. Through this installment the franchise returns to its origins , offering simple but difficult to master gameplay with an accessible and easy objective: destroy the structures.

Angry Birds Journey is one of the best Android games in 2022 since it does not require demanding gameplay and helps players de-stress. A very enjoyable title far from those extremely frustrating competitive video games that should be in every gamer’s application gallery.

5. Street of Rage 4

The last of the best Android games of 2022 is Street of Rage 4 , a fighting title developed by Sega and coming to mobile devices after its launch on Nintendo Switch , PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2020.

Street of Rage 4 is a me against the neighborhood manual of lateral development and where up to four players can participate in the same game. Each character has a unique star move that will allow you to easily clear the environments of enemies .

The best free Android games

There are many great free games for Android, such as Hearthstone , TFT or Clash Royale . If you want to delve deeper into the free possibilities that smartphones offer, here is a ranking of the best free games for Android .

FAQ of the Best Games on Android

What is the best Android game of 2022?

The best Android game in 2022 is Minecraft since it provides many possibilities and you can almost play it on any current smartphone. Furthermore, its sales figures support it.

What game do you recommend for Android?

Our Android game recommendation is Hearthstone . It is a very balanced game that has a very measured difficulty curve. You will find it satisfying as well as challenging.

What is the most played game on Android in 2022?

The most played game on Android in 2022 is Subwway Surfers with more than 1 billion downloads .

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