Top 10 best games for iPhone | November 2023

best games for iPhone | It is increasingly common for users to use their mobile devices to play . Therefore, if you are interested in getting the most out of your iPhone and want to have fun in your free time, at Roams we have selected the 10 best iPhone games that exist. Don’t miss them!


What information does this post include?

  1. List of top games for iPhone

  2. 1. Hearthstone

  3. 2. Clash Royale

  4. 3. League of Legends: Wild Rift

  5. 4. Minecraft

  6. 5. Free Fire

  7. 6. Infinite Flight Simulator

  8. 7. Ark Evolved

  9. 8. Pokemon Unite

  10. 9. Genshin Impact

  11. 10. MARVEL SNAP

  12. Best games for iPad

  13. Best iPhone Games FAQ

    1. What are the most played iPhone games?

    2. What are the best games on the Apple Store?

fragment of the trailer for the game Hearthstone, which is one of the best iPhone games

List of top games for iPhone

Mobile devices have a wide variety of video games . Among them you can find both free and paid , some of high quality and others with a lower standard.

It is increasingly common to see people playing from their smartphones , not only on public transport, but also at home, whether with their mobile phones or tablets. And the video game industry is putting a lot of effort into this market.

If you have an iPhone you should know that there are great video games that you will have a great time playing and that you should not miss.

At Roams we have prepared a ranking of the best iPhone games of the moment. Some of them match the best games for Android since they are of high quality and are available on both systems.

Discover the best free video games for Android

Must-have Android games of 2023
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Clash Royale

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League of Legends

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Free Fire

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ARK: Survival Evolved

1. Hearthstone

The first game that appears in our ranking of video games for iPhone is Hearthstone , Blizzard’s card game inspired by the World of Warcraft universe . It is a very balanced title that does not present great complexity , making it perfect for neophytes of the genre.

Another important detail to place Hearthstone in first place is that it is a free video game and, despite having micropayments, it is not a pay to win game . That is, players who pay have no advantage over those who don’t.

Furthermore, another of the benefits of Hearthstone is that it is a game that is available on multiple platforms and, thanks to its account, you will have cross-progress on all of them.

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2. Clash Royale

The next video game on the list of best titles for iPhone and Apple devices is Clash Royale . It is another card game but mixed with the tower defense genre . It is one of the best free games you can find for mobile devices.

Clash Royale also does not have much complexity and its difficulty curve is well measured . Of course, there are some mechanics such as Clash Royale chests or Clan Wars that you must master to be one of the best players.

What are Clash Royale legendary cards?
Clash Royale Golem deck: the best combinations
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3. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift is the best MOBA you can find for mobile devices and, of course, for iPhone. This video game is based on the mechanics and universe of League of Legends , the Riot Games video game considered one of the best eSports in the world.

Wild Rift’s gameplay is fully adapted to the iPhone , so it will be very easy for you to handle it. The mechanics are a little less deep than those of its older brother, but they are very good. Of course, you must keep in mind that to play it you must be permanently connected to the internet .

The best mobile rates to play Wild Rift from anywhere

One of the highlights of League of Legends: Wild Rift is that both League of Legends honor and game cards can be used here as well . So keep that in mind.

League of Legends cards: where to buy them and how to use them
Descargar gratis League of Legends: Wild Rift para iPhone

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4. Minecraft

One of the titles that could not be missing from our list is the video game that tops the list of best-selling games in history . Minecraft has versions for all known platforms and has been alive since its launch in 2011 .

We can add little about Minecraft that has not already been told. It is a survival simulator with a pixel-based aesthetic that has dazzled many players. A must have on any console and, of course, also on mobile devices.

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5. Free Fire

Fifth place in our ranking of the best iPhone games is occupied by Free Fire , as it is popularly known. Garena Free Fire, its full name, is one of the most successful battle royale games since it has very low requirements and can be played on almost any smartphone.

This fact has allowed it to spread like wildfire among mobile devices around the world, but especially in the Asian market and compete very strongly with other battle royales such as Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone , among others.

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6. Infinite Flight Simulator

Do you like Microsoft Flight Simulator ? Well, you know that you can enjoy a game similar to the PC, Xbox Series and One video game on iPhone . This is Infinite Flight Simulator . Obviously it has some limitations, but it is well worth it.

Infinite Flight Simulator has a very well-crafted gameplay with some insignificant mechanics. Although it is difficult to fully master, the difficulty curve is well measured . You will really enjoy flying over some regions such as San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California or Oshkosh .

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7. Ark Evolved

Seventh place on our list of essential video games for iPhone and iPad is occupied by Ark Evolveld . This survival game, also available for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 , has a great adaptation on both Android and Apple devices .

In Ark your objective will be to survive in a hostile world full of dinosaurs and other players who will not hesitate to beat you to a pulp whenever they can. To do this you must collect materials and build a shelter, objects and weapons with which to defend yourself.

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8. Pokemon Unite

If a few posts higher we were talking about Wild Rift, Pokémon also has its own MOBA . Pokémon Unite is here to stay after launching on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch .

Pokemon Unite perfectly mixes the MOBA genre with the Pokémon universe , recently expanded with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple , and which will undoubtedly delight fans of the saga.

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9. Genshin Impact

One of the titles that could not be missing from our list of top iPhone games is Genshin Impact , one of the most prominent RPGs of the moment on most platforms.


The anime aesthetic of Genshin Impact attracts a lot of players’ attention , but its gameplay and game system make you fall in love with it. Without a doubt a game that you should try.

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Finally, we did not want to waste the opportunity to close our ranking with one of the latest releases from the Marvel universe in terms of video games. MARVEL SNAP is the Hearthstone-style card game from the famous super hero factory.

In MARVEL SNAP you will find cards of all the heroes and villains of the franchise’s comics. It is a very balanced game that has an appealing reward system. Plus, it’s very friendly for those new to the genre. A must for fans.

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Best games for iPad

If, in addition to wanting to know which are the best iPhone games, you want to know the best iPad video games , below we show you a list of the top 10 iOS titles:

  1. Diablo Immortal
  2. Immortality
  3. Street of Rage 4
  4. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  5. Fallout Shelter
  6. Football Manager 2023
  7. Hitman GO
  8. Sky: Children of the Light
  9. Alien Isolation
  10. Offroad Unchained

Best iPhone Games FAQ

What are the most played iPhone games?

The three most played iPhone games according to Apple Store data are:

  • Minecraft
  • For
  • Tap Away 3D

What are the best games on the Apple Store?

For us, the best games on the Apple Store are Hearthstone, Clash Royale and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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