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A selection of 10 best PS4 scary games that you cannot miss and where we compile both pure scary games and some of the best survival horror games on PS4 .

If you are one of those who enjoy horror video games , we have prepared a ranking of the best scary games for PS4 that you will have a great time with.

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  1. Top of the best horror games for PS4

    1. 1. Resident Evil 7

    2. 2. Outlast 2

    3. 3. Alien Isolation

    4. 4. Layers of Fear

    5. 5. SOMA

    6. 6. The Evil Within

    7. 7. Until Dawn

    8. 8. Resident Evil 2 Remake

    9. 9. Little Nightmares

    10. 10. Dying Light

  2. Best PS4 Scary Games FAQ

    1. What game is more terrifying?

    2. What are scary games called?

    3. What is the number 1 horror game?

Image of the house from the game Resident Evil 7 which is one of the best scary games on the ps4

Top of the best horror games for PS4

One of the most popular genres in the video game industry , and in the rest of the audiovisual sectors such as series and cinema , is the horror genre. During the years of the PlayStation 4 ‘s life , very good scary games have come out for the platform .

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For this reason, at Roams we have decided to make a ranking of video games where we have selected the best PS4 scary games released so far . In this way, you will be able to know the best exponents of this genre and try them if you have not played them already.

In this top 10 of the best PlayStation 4 horror video games you can find pure horror titles as well as survival horror video games . Of course, we have left out some titles like The Last of Us or The Last of Us Part 2 because, despite being some of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives , we believe that they are more pigeonholed in the action and adventure genre than in that of terror.

1. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is, without a doubt, the most suitable game to top this list of the best PS4 horror games. This survival horror represents the reboot of the saga and relies on the first-person view to experience Ethan Winter’s story in the Baker family house in close-up.

In Resident Evil 7 the scares and the feeling of vulnerability return . Furthermore, the graphic quality and art direction make the atmosphere truly gloomy, which helps enhance these sensations. Capcom got it right with this video game and created one of the best survival horror on PS4, also available for PC, Xbox Series , Xbox One , PlayStation 5 and Switch .

As if that were not enough, Resident Evil 7 has a virtual reality version that of course is among the best VR games for PlayStation 4 .

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It should be noted that the saga continued with Resident Evil 8: Village , although it did not turn out to be as good as this installment and is more focused on action. For this reason we have decided to leave it out.

2. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is the second video game in our ranking of the best horror games for PS4. And not only that, but it is also one of the most notable titles included in Game Pass . It is the second installment of the saga that improves, as if that were not enough, on the first in many facets but maintaining the tone of terror.

This survival horror stars Blake Langermann, a journalist who has lost his wife in a plane crash when they were preparing to spend a nice vacation.

Under this premise Outlast 2 presents you with a story where you will not be able to use weapons. You will only be able to run, climb, jump and use evasive maneuvers to avoid the beings that are trying to hunt you. In addition, you will only be accompanied by a camera that will allow you to see in the dark, as long as it has a battery .

3. Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is another title that could not be missing from this selection of the best scary video games for PS4. It is a survival horror game that appears for the first time in the Alien franchise and has been one of the biggest releases in the industry in recent years.

In Alien Isolation your objective is to survive , among other things, the xenomorph who has one of the best artificial intelligences in the world of video games. In fact, the xenomorph will use its smell, sight and hearing to find you . And believe us when we say that he will do everything possible to achieve it.

4. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is another of the best scary titles that PlayStation 4 received. It is a first-person game that is set in a decadent 19th century where you will play a painter who has a mental illness .

Under this premise you will find in Layers of Fear a conjunction of paranormal phenomena, visions and unexpected terrors that will make you sweat bullets in a dynamic and very scary environment.


SOMA should be part of this ranking without a shadow of a doubt. It is a game that excellently mixes the horror genre with science fiction in a futuristic world created by the creators of the Amnesia saga, one of the great exponents of this type of game.

In SOMA you must tour PATHOS-2, a research facility where its artificial intelligence has taken control . You must explore the scenarios and try to survive this powerful, unpredictable and cruel enemy.

6. The Evil Within

The Evil Within is one of the great surprises of the generation made up of PS4 and Xbox One. This game puts you in the shoes of detective Castellanos who has woken up in a world of monsters and madness lurking around every corner after witnessing the death of all his friends. companions.

The Evil Within is the work of Shinji Mikami , creator of the Resident Evil saga, it draws heavily on previous works although it adopts a more psychological horror. You will find a mix of action and horror that returns survival horror to PlayStation 4 with a bang.

7. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a slasher-type game where a group of friends find themselves in a cabin in the mountains far from the rest of civilization and where things will soon start to go wrong.

It is a horror narrative adventure where every decision matters, since it will mark the destiny of the game’s eight protagonists. A formula that has been very well received by the public and has led to other similar Supermassive Games titles such as Man of Medan .

8. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Another title that could not be missing among the best scary games for PS4 is Resident Evil 2 Remake . This reissue of the classic horror game was one of the great surprises released in that generation and has been a great success on the part of Capcom.

Resident Evil 2 Remake has completely renewed gameplay and graphics . The game abandoned the fixed camera to contribute to the third person but without losing the ability to scare so legendary of the original game. Without a doubt one of the best survival horror games on Play 4.

9. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is one of the best indie horror games on the market. This independent title was a surprise and puts you in the shoes of Max , a hungry girl who must escape from The Maw , a tremendously grotesque world, with the only company of a lighter to illuminate dark areas.

Little Nightmares is capable of transmitting feelings of overwhelm and vulnerability that other games have not achieved . Unlike the rest of the horror games in the ranking, in Little Nightmares you must overcome platforms and puzzles to be able to advance and achieve your goal.

10. Dying Light

Perhaps this last game on the list of best PS4 scary video games is one of the most annoying because it has components from several different genres that take it out of what the general public considers to be a horror game. But Dying Light deserves to be here.

We could define Dying Light as an open world survival horror in which you will have to face a wide variety of zombies that will make it really difficult for you. A highly recommended video game that you should try.

Best PS4 Scary Games FAQ

What game is more terrifying?

The most terrifying game in the world of PT , created by Kojima and which remained a simple demo without becoming a complete game.

What are scary games called?

Scary games are called survival horror, although they are also known simply as horror games.

What is the number 1 horror game?

The number 1 horror game according to the number of copies sold is Resident Evil 5 , which was released in 2009 and has sold more than 13 million units .

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