Traditional Banoffee cake, a before and after in your desserts

A very special dessert for this community in which we love quick and easy recipes that allow us to eat something sweet in a pinch, because we always go down. So we present to you the recipe for this famous banana Banoffee Cake or Cake , on the outside it seems to be super sophisticated but you will really see that it is nonsense, since we are going to find the way around it and we do it in a touch.

Today’s points are going to be the following: what an English banoffe cake is all about , a little about the history of the original banoffee cake and its traditional ingredients (spoiler: we don’t really care to follow them).

On the other hand, we tell you about some small modifications that we make to make it more personal and easier, don’t worry, you will see that it turns out delicious.

Table of Contents

  • About Banoffee Cake or Tart: A classic?
    • How to make the original toffee or caramel sauce for Banoffee Cake
    • Banoffee dessert in a glass
  • Banoffee cake recipe
    • Ingredients
    • How to make banoffee cake step by step
  • Banoffee Cake: easy dessert if there ever was one…

About Banoffee Cake or Tart: A classic?

The word ‘banoffee’ comes from the exquisite mix between ‘banana’ and ‘toffee’. What is “toffee”? It is a sweet with a creamy texture made from caramel and butter, we are going to make this cake a little simpler and we add dulce de leche, of course, we could call it the banoffee express cake.

If you are interested in making a more traditional banoffee cake, we leave you how to make the original toffee.

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How to make the original toffee or caramel sauce for Banoffee Cake

  • Firstly, we place the sugar in a frying pan on the heat and wet it with a few drops of water on top, splash it a little and let the sugar melt and take on color. Be careful with this point because we do not want it to burn, the heat is very low.
  • While the caramel is happening, heat the milk cream in the microwave or on the stove, trying to get it as hot as possible since we are going to mix this with the caramel and we don’t want it to explode.
  • We continue cooking the caramel and stirring so that it cooks evenly, we seek to achieve a golden caramel. When we achieve this, it is time to remove the pan from the heat and add the heavy cream, stirring constantly, mixing everything evenly.

Finally we put everything back on the heat seeking to achieve a final homogeneous texture, we cook 5 more minutes and that’s it.

Banoffee dessert in a glass

Going off topic a little, we couldn’t leave without leaving you this recipe in a glass that is just as delicious but a more personal version . This version goes without dulce de leche because this would be difficult to put together, for this we make a quick toffee. How is this brilliant idea? more or less so…

  1. Grind at least 8 cookies until crumbs remain and set aside.
  2. In a frying pan, heat 50 gr. of butter, mix with 2 tablespoons of sugar and when it turns caramel color add 1 large sliced ​​banana. Let cool.
  3. In cups, cups, or glasses, put together a layer of cookies, two tablespoons of caramelized bananas and 200 gr. of whipped cream or to taste.

You choose whether you want to make a dessert per portion or a large family cake, we leave you the options and the freedom to decide.

Banoffee cake recipe


  • 1 package of vanilla cookies.
  • 150 gr. of butter.
  • 75 gr. of sugar.
  • 250 gr. of milk cream.
  • 1 pot of dulce de leche.
  • 3 bananas.

How to make banoffee cake step by step

  1. Crush the cookies completely and add them with half of the butter. Prepare a removable cake pan and place the crushed cookies on the base, pressing with a spoon or your hands to achieve a uniform base.
  2. Place the dulce de leche on the base of the cake and on top arrange the bananas cut into thin slices, distributed evenly.
  3. Finally, beat the heavy cream together with the sugar and decorate with this cream on top of the cake. Ready, put this in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.

Banoffee Cake: easy dessert if there ever was one…

And here is my recipe for Banoffee cake or Banoffee cake , an easy dessert but in addition to those chanchones, gooey, delicious!!! The video is from one of the Fridays I went to 1 to 5, Hernán Lirio’s program on C5N, there he left you all the instructions so you can do it at home. You will see that it is super easy

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