What jobs can I do in my free time to earn extra money?

 jobs can I do in my free time to earn extra money , If you work full time, but would like to work in your free time to earn extra money, or if you’re trying to earn extra income with freelance projects, you can put some of the skills you have to good use.

They don’t necessarily have to be about the work you do at your regular job.

There are many other well-paying jobs that you can do in your free time, after your regular job.

Even if you specialize and get a good volume of clients, you can work from home 100%

Here we present 10 jobs to do in your free time that are the best paid in the local market.

1. Web programmer/software developer

Programming is an area of ​​work that is highly requested by different companies and requires a series of very specialized skills. But at the same time it allows you the flexibility to do the work in your free time.

You can do it from almost anywhere. You only need a computer and internet to do it.

You can offer your services by updating existing sites, creating templates, developing web pages or applications, etc.

As for rates…

Prices range from US$30 to US$50 per hour. It will depend on the experience and knowledge required for each project.

This is a very interesting activity that you can do freelance. In addition to being well paid, it can be very satisfying to see the program or application you have worked on being executed.

2. Community manager

One of the new areas of work, thanks to the Internet, is the management of social networks for companies and institutions.

It is a service that more and more companies require and for which all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You can use your free time and knowledge in communications, marketing and social networks to offer the online community management service.

What you can win… 

The monthly fee for account management depends on the number of networks assigned.

You can establish a base rate for managing a couple of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and another for a broader package (including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.).

If you also have knowledge about SEO and SEM , you can include the SEO optimization service within the package. The service can range from $20 to $50 per hour.

It is important that you know how to link accounts, customizing the content for each site. That is, the message is the same, but adapted to each network, and everything is published in the appropriate place.

Another fundamental aspect is creativity to develop content, as well as good communication skills to interact with users.

Pay attention to this: 

Please note that good spelling is a mandatory requirement.

You must also stay informed about the activity of the company whose networks you manage so that you can respond to users in a clear, respectful and timely manner.

3. Graphic design  | architectural design

Thanks to the facilities of computing, graphic design is an activity that can be carried out from home, with very little need for face-to-face meetings.

To carry out projects that require graphic design and interact with your clients, you can rely on online tools that allow you to send samples and previews to the client. You can even have a video conference to discuss changes in the arts.

Jobs are paid per project and range from simple page layout to illustration development and character design.

You can also offer the service of drawing plans and rendering architectural plans.

The price depends on the amount of arts to be designed…

Layout of pages or loose arts starts at $5 per page, and can go up to $25 or $50.

The development of illustrations, from $10 if it is a simple illustration or cost up to $300, $500 or more, if it is logos, drawing plans, plant redesigns, etc.

It all depends on the client and the need they have.

Whether you have a degree or have learned on your own, or if you have knowledge of architectural drawing and tools like Autocad and Autodesk, offering design services is a job that can generate a good income, working almost 100% remotely, during your free time.

4. Professional document translator

A service that is rarely offered in our environment, but very well paid, is that of a professional document translator.

The most requested service: Spanish to English, or vice versa. Although translations from other languages ​​such as: German, French, Portuguese, Italian, etc. are also usually required.

Its implementation requires solid knowledge of grammar in the language into which it is going to be translated.

The service can be charged per page, ranging from $10 to $25 each. It can also be charged per word, with a fee of $0.05 to $0.10 for each word translated.

The less common the language is, the fewer translators there are on the market, the better paid it will be.

It is a job that requires a high technical level, but it represents a good opportunity for additional income and that you can do in your free time, advancing little by little in the translation.

5. Digitizer | audio transcriber

Many companies often temporarily require typing or data entry services into a system.

If one of your skills is fast typing, you can work in your free hours on projects that require this service: Survey companies, banks, transcribing interviews for magazines and newspapers, etc.

The rates for the freelance typing or audio transcription service start at $15 per hour and to carry it out, this job requires a high capacity for concentration, being attentive to details and knowing how to handle work under pressure.  

6. Photographer

One of the most exciting careers, since it combines art and technique. Photography services are frequently required for all types of events and projects.

It is a fun and interesting job, which can also be done for hours.

In fact, it is usually required at events on the weekends, when you have the most free time.

Rates start at $25 per hour and depend on the location, as well as the difficulty of the photographs to be taken.

For example…

A family session is not the same as capturing wild images for a project. Taking studio photographs is not the same as taking photographs at a sporting event.

Essential to carry out this work: have professional equipment.

The initial investment may seem high when you start, but if you take care of your equipment and provide good service to your clients, you will be able to recover the investment very soon.

7. Tutor | Tutor

It doesn’t matter if you have ability in mathematics, physics, computing, chemistry, or know a second language .

If teaching is one of your hidden callings, you can take advantage of your talent to offer hourly tutoring and classes.

There are many people who need reinforcement in a certain area or who want to learn something new, receiving personalized attention.

Rates can range from $10 to $30 per hour, and may vary, depending on the complexity of the subject to be taught.

Patience and ease of speech are key to doing this job.

An advice:

Prepare your class in advance and every time you create new content or discover a better way to transmit knowledge, save it for future students.

In this way, you gain your own material and a method to work better and better.

8. Review and Article Writer

If you are good at writing, if you have creativity and good spelling, or if you have studied a related course, you can benefit from writing articles on various topics.

You can also take charge of writing reviews and item descriptions for businesses.

Your services can be very useful for newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.

Prices for this work can range from $10 to $50 per thousand words.

Learn how to write a compelling blog post. 

A type to charge better: 

In some companies, it is common to hire a professional editor to write key messages (message from the CEO, presentation of a study, etc.).

Therefore, the price to be charged will depend not only on the amount of text to be written, but also on the level of importance and technicality that will be required.

An important aspect for this job is the ability to quickly collect and synthesize information on the topic you are going to develop.

You must like reading and learning new things. Each new article is a mini universe, full of interesting data that you must put into your own words.

9. Accounting advice | Accounting

A service that many companies outsource is the maintenance of their accounting books.

This work is an essential part of running any company. Therefore, if you have solid accounting knowledge, you can offer your services in person for a few hours and complete the work from home.

The key, in addition to technical knowledge, is discipline and organization.

You can schedule regular visits to the company to collect information that you will then process in your free time.

10. Repair or maintenance of equipment

An area where you can work for hours. You can offer your services to companies that need regular maintenance of their machinery and equipment. For example, computers, air conditioners, printers, etc.

You can also work on custom repairs, which you can do at home.

Prices are established according to the level of intervention that the team requires. Of course, repair is more expensive than maintenance.

The latter can be around $25 or $30 per kit, while the former can range from $50 or more.

What do you think?

These are just a few ideas of the most in-demand and best-paying jobs.

But there are many other areas in which you can work in your free time, earning extra money.

All you have to do to get started is prepare a portfolio demonstrating your knowledge and experience, and start offering your services.

We invite you to register at SoyFreelancer.com to create your online portfolio and apply for freelance projects in your professional area.

Take advantage of working in your free time, taking advantage of those skills that you have and that you have always wanted to work on. Success and good luck!

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